Livin Real Estate

Disappointment can lead to inaction, but sometimes it leads to a revolution. Even (gasp) in real estate. The lack of passion and actual interest in anything but profit amongst real estate agencies led Max to start one in 2010. And unsurprisingly, when you look after the people you work with, they love working with you! That’s how Livin Real Estate grew into a strong player in the Luxembourg real estate field. After reinventing (at least part of) the real estate game, Max stepped away from Livin Real Estate in 2017, hoping the company would continue to reinvent itself and continue offer cutting edge solutions without him. The last thing Max did for them was designing their headquarters on avenue du X Septembre in Belair. In 2021 Max however launched a new agency, taking with him all of the experience his first attempt had provided him with. Real estate agency launched by Max Bauer and friends in 2010.